• FITHOME: digital, streamlined home renovation

    Bringing together innovative financing, digital end-to-end solutions, and homeowner engagement to drastically stimulate home renovation in the Netherlands (and beyond)

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    Curious about how FITHOME partner De Woonpas delivers a frictionless, cost-neutral home renovation experience?

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    Webinar: Cities and Regions kick-starting the Renovation Wave

    On the 25th of March, 11:00-12:00 CET, FITHOME was presented alongside other scalable, innovative European initiatives that provide an incredible opportunity to take the Renovation Wave to the next level. Re-watch the webinar here.

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    FITHOME at the 2020 EURegionsWeek

    On the 20th of October 2020, FITHOME was presented at the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities, where participants actively engaged with De Woonpas' Richard van Rooij to learn more about FITHOME's innovative approach.

  • FITHOME, the future of home retrofitting

  • About FITHOME

    A different approach to home retrofitting

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    • Retrofit 900+ family homes in several municipalities in the Netherlands. 
    • Trigger at least €15M in investments in energy efficiency measures. 
    • Achieve at least 37% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a 64% decrease in gas and grey electricity usage.
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    • Leverage an innovative financial approach.
    • Engage homeowners with a digital end-to-end solution.
    • Prepare for future scaling by exploring steps towards a Pan-European investment platform.
  • FITHOME empowers cities to lead the clean energy transition and become fossil-free by 2050

  • FITHOME's Measures

    For increased energy efficiency, comfort and indoor health, FITHOME supports various measures which lead to upgraded, sustainable homes

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    Solar Panels

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    Floor Insulation


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    Glass Insulation


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    Cavity Wall Insulation

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    Roof Insulation


  • FITHOME is already available in Wijk Bij Duurstede, The Netherlands

  • Wijk bij Duurstede - Pioneer City

    Small town, rich history and big ambitions

    Located in the Utrecht province in central Netherlands, by the River Lek

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    Wijk bij Duurstede has 24,000 inhabitants and 10,000 homes

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  • FITHOME presents an opportunity for green, sustainable investments leading to increased home values

  • How It Works, Brick by Brick...

    A digital, straightforward and streamlined approach




    Project design and planning using digital tools




    Cost-effective renovation offer


    Project Financing

    Fithome uses the betterment tax to repay the municipality for the home retrofitting




    Optimal sustainability measures implemented in each home




    Inspection to ensure quality of delivered project

  • FITHOME uses an innovative fiscal instrument, leveraging the "Betterment Tax" to provide accessible, low-risk financing for home renovation

  • 100% Financing, Made Simple

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    Citizens can have their homes renovated without any up-front investments. On behalf of the municipality, DeWoonpas covers the cost of renovation and assumes responsibility for maintenance of the works.

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    The homeowner repays the up-front investment monthly, over a fixed period of time up to 30 years. This repayment is a voluntary tax paid to the municipality that never exceeds the savings achieved by the retrofit.

  • Accurate, high-quality end-to-end digital solutions are used to propose the optimal package of measures for each individual home

  • Partners

    Three expert partners with a strong track-record

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    Residential Sustainability

    DWP is an experienced end-to-end retrofitting partner, combining deep financial experience with hands-on knowledge of retrofitting and digital development.

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    High Impact Investments

    GNE Finance is a high impact investment company focused on providing financing for the built environment. GNE is in charge of developing a Pan-European investment platform.

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    Transition Management

    The municipality of Wijk Bij Duurstede is a local government located in the province of Utrecht. It is a front-runner in the sustainable transition, with ambitious 2030 goals of becoming fossil free.

  • Improved comfort, health and well-being at home for all Europeans

  • FITHOME's Impact

    FITHOME is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of good health and well-being, affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, and climate action, by facilitating a significant reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions whilst simultaneously increasing indoor comfort and health

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    Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union

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